Beginning Saxophone: The Jazz Approach

Beginning Saxophone: The Jazz Approach

With this complete beginners series of lessons for alto and tenor, you'll learn all the fundamentals of playing saxophone and reading music with an approach that is geared toward learning to play jazz!

We'll begin with the basics of saxophone assembly, holding the instrument, and making sounds. This is followed by a series of 10 complete lessons.

Here's what's included:

Video and written instruction* is included for each lesson. Playing Exercises are included in the written portion of the lessons, along with videos demonstrating the exercises. Supplemental and review exercises are also included.

Lessons 3-10 include video "Jammin'!" lessons that incorporate concepts and scales learned in the lessons. You'll learn to jam on jazz styles that include Latin, jazz-rock, funk, and swing grooves.

Play-along tracks for the Jammin' lessons are used in the videos and are also included in the "Extras" download for each lesson.

*Note: The written instruction is included in the downloadable "Extras" package for each lesson. That way you can save and print it out for your convenience.

Beginning Saxophone: The Jazz Approach