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Welcome to the Randy Hunter Jazz Lessons Subscription Website!

Here you'll find everything from my complete Beginning Saxophone lesson series to my Stages I-IV Jazz Improvisation lesson series. My popular Soloing on Tunes lesson series is also here- all available at a low monthly price!

You'll still be able to purchase lessons individually or in sets at www.beginningsax.com, but by choosing to access the lessons via subscription, you can avoid downloads and have access to all of my lessons in streaming format.

As always, I'm happy to answer questions, so feel free to reach me at randy@randyhunterjazz.com.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Randy Hunter

  • Site Navigation and EXTRAS

    1 video

    A quick tour of the site including locating the EXTRAS

  • New Lessons!
    36 videos — 25 extras

    New Lessons!

    36 videos — 25 extras

    You'll find my newest lessons in this collection. As other new releases are published, I'll migrate these into their respective categories.

  • Beginning Saxophone: The Jazz Approach

    50 videos — 11 extras

    With this complete beginners series of lessons for alto and tenor, you'll learn all the fundamentals of playing saxophone and reading music with an approach that is geared toward learning to play jazz!

    We'll begin with the basics of saxophone assembly, holding the instrument, and making sounds...

  • Beginning Jazz Improvisation- Under Construction!

    6 videos — 5 extras

    Begin learning to improvise in a structured manner. This series will eliminate the "Where and how do I start improvising?" dilemma. This series is under construction, so look for new lessons to be added regularly.

  • Quick Tunes
    27 videos — 13 extras

    Quick Tunes

    27 videos — 13 extras

    In this collection we'll go directly to the process of learning and soloing on classic tunes. All of the tunes we cover will have play-along tracks, so be certain to download the EXTRAS folders as you do the lessons. I think this will prove to be a fun set of lessons.

  • The Basics of the Blues
    5 videos — 6 extras

    The Basics of the Blues

    5 videos — 6 extras

    This collection will evolve to include blues lessons that range from easy-advanced. The lessons will generally be faiirly brief so that you can learn a practice routine and take it directly to the shed.

  • Tradin' 4's with the Blues
    3 videos — 1 extra

    Tradin' 4's with the Blues

    3 videos — 1 extra

    In this series, we'll trade 4's on the blues in different keys. I'll be adding keys over the next few months until we are eventually trading and swinging all 12 keys. Play-alongs and PDF's included in the EXTRAS folders.

  • Soloing on Rhythm Changes - Under Construction!

    4 videos — 3 extras

    Stay tuned as this new Soloing on Tunes lesson series based on Rhythm Changes develops! We'll work with two play-alongs as we learn to solo on this standard Gershwin chord progression.

  • Advanced Jazz Articulation
    4 videos — 2 extras

    Advanced Jazz Articulation

    4 videos — 2 extras

  • Sound and Style
    7 videos — 5 extras

    Sound and Style

    7 videos — 5 extras

    NEW! Look for lessons on inflection techniques, articulation, tone, and style to appear in this collection.

  • The Greatest Jazz Saxophone Blues Motifs

    5 videos

    Originally created for my YouTube channel, I've decided to add these videos to the site after requests from a number of my subscribers.

  • Triad Pairs
    3 videos — 3 extras

    Triad Pairs

    3 videos — 3 extras

    Look for new videos in this collection on the hows, whys, and whats of Triad Pairs.

  • Fly Me to the Moon- Soloing on Tunes

    6 videos — 5 extras

    This extensive Soloing lesson includes 5 videos with topics including The Chord Progression Theory, Foundation for Melodic Soloing, Anticipating the Changes, Phrasing and Soloing, and Advanced Soloing Concepts. The lesson incorporates a terrific play-along track which is included in the download....

  • The Rock & Blues Series
    10 videos — 4 extras

    The Rock & Blues Series

    10 videos — 4 extras

    The Rock & Blues Series covers topics that include The V-IV Turnaround, Rock & Blues Vocabulary, Common Rock & Blues Forms, and Licks of the Great Rock & Blues Sax Players. This is a fun set that will help you understand and perform in these styles.

  • The Bebop Series
    6 videos — 6 extras

    The Bebop Series

    6 videos — 6 extras

    The Bebop Series features a progressive exercise beginning with the dominant bebop scale that works through a series of 2-note and 3-note enclosures. The fourth part of the exercise shows you how to incorporate the enclosures into your solo practice on tunes.

  • Questions & Answers
    6 videos — 1 extra

    Questions & Answers

    6 videos — 1 extra

    I plan to add new Q&A videos to this collection monthly, so be sure to drop me a note with your questions. I'll try to answer them in either a video or a written response. I love hearing from folks! Just post a question on the forum or drop me an email at randy@randyhunterjazz.com

  • Stage 1 Jazz Improvisation Lessons

    15 videos — 11 extras

    For beginning jazzers still working on basic fundamentals but looking to start improvising, the lessons in this playlist would be a great place to start!

    These lessons will help you continue learning developing jazz fundamentals as you develop a practice routine centered around learning to im...

  • Stage II Jazz Improvisation Lessons

    19 videos — 10 extras

    For musicians with a bit of experience but still fairly new to improvising, these lessons would help you continue to build your skills, develop your improvisation vocabulary, learn more about jazz theory, and get a bit more soul in your playing.
    Lesson topics include:
    Jazz Sound & Style
    Jazz ...

  • Stage III Jazz Improvisation Lessons

    10 videos — 9 extras

    Stage III includes are med-advanced level lessons designed to help you understand more about harmony, build your technique, and further develop your jazz phrasing skills.

    We'll cover:
    -more about the use of pentatonic scales in blues and funk playing.
    -dominant chords and the Circle of Fourt...

  • Stage IV Jazz Improvisation Lessons

    10 videos — 9 extras

    These lessons are for advanced players looking to further develop technique, harmony and improvisation skills.

    We'll cover:
    -advanced chord navigation exercises
    -locating and identifying ii-V-I's in different tonal centers within a tune
    -flat 9's
    -guide tone exercises
    -learning chord prog...

  • Soloing on Tunes
    22 videos — 7 extras

    Soloing on Tunes

    22 videos — 7 extras

    In my Soloing on Tunes series, you'll learn how to apply concepts learned in Stages I-IV to a number of classic jazz standards.

    Lessons from the various stages are referenced in most of these lessons, while new concepts are also introduced. You'll also learn about the theory behind the chord ...

  • Shedding Technique - Quick Studies!

    5 videos — 4 extras

    This collection includes lessons for building technique. They are brief and to the point so you can pick up a quick exercise for taking directly to the shed. I'll be adding lessons to this category regularly, so visit it frequently!

  • Shedding Harmony - Quick Studies!

    13 videos — 11 extras

    These quick videos will give you exercises you can take directly to the practice room for learning chords and basics of harmony. Check this category frequently for new videos.

  • This Month's Etudes
    6 videos — 6 extras

    This Month's Etudes

    6 videos — 6 extras

    This collection features three etudes each month for your reading practice. The etudes represent easy, medium, and difficult skill levels. Be sure to download the written copies for alto and tenor sax in the "Extras" folder. Most of the etudes will also include play-along tracks. A different set ...