Sound and Style

Sound and Style

NEW! Look for lessons on inflection techniques, articulation, tone, and style to appear in this collection.

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Sound and Style
  • Soloing with Style

    Based on a transcription of my solo by a fellow subscriber in the introduction to the lesson on But Not For Me, this lesson identifies inflection techniques I use in my solos.


  • The Stylings of Stanley Turrentine's Summertime Revised

    We'll explore the blues stylings on 6 licks from Stanley Turrentine's solo on Summertime taken from the album, Up At Minton's. I'll reference points in the recording you can find on YouTube as we dive into various aspects of the way he plays things. No transpositions of the licks are provided, si...

  • Focus on Phrasing

    Learn about the phrasing techniques: Call & Response, Point Up-Point Down, Sequencing, and Theme & Development. I use play-along tracks based on the blues and sections from Take the A Train, Blue Bossa, and Recorda-me to demonstrate and explain these phrasing techniques. You can use your voice or...

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