New Lessons!

New Lessons!

You'll find my newest lessons in this collection. As other new releases are published, I'll migrate these into their respective categories.

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New Lessons!
  • Bebop Exercise #1 - The Bebop Scale

    In this first bebop lesson, you'll learn some basics of the dominant bebop scale. We'll also set up some practice parameters regarding range and tone sequencing. I'll follow this exercise with a series of exercises on building chromatic enclosures. Watch for this series of short bebop lessons to ...

  • Bebop Exercise #1- The Bebop Scale.pdf

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  • Chromatic Triads Exercise #2

    Just like Exercise #1 in the Chromatic Triads series, this one is another finger buster designed for building great technique. Check out Chromatic Triads Exercise #1 in the Quick Shed- Technique category if you haven't already.

  • Chromatic Triads Part 2.pdf

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  • The V-IV Rock-Blues Turnaround

    Learn about the V-IV turnaround found in most Rock-Blues tunes. You'll learn 5 licks reminiscent of the style of King Curtis and many of the other great rock sax players.

  • The V-IV Rock-Blues Turnaround.pdf

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  • Transcriptions or Exercises?

    In this question and answer session I weigh the value of practicing improvisation exercises and transcribed licks along with a general discussion of practice philosophies.

  • Basics of the Major Chord

    This lesson clarifies the basic vocabulary used for improvising on the various types of major chords. You'll also learn how to read and interpret the basic major chord symbols.

  • Basics of the Major Chord.pdf

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