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Daily Studies for Technique and Harmony

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Saxophone Hand Positioning for the High Tones

Shedding Technique - Quick Studies! • 6m 58s

Up Next in Shedding Technique - Quick Studies!

  • Daily Studies for Technique and Harmony

    Learn the logic behind three patterns based on pentatonic scales and triads that will help you transfer musical knowledge from key to key.

  • Circling the Minor 7 Arpeggio

    In this video I'll show you a pattern that has practical value for building technique, harmony, and improvisation skills. You'll learn how to practice this minor 7 pattern in all keys and then how to practice it on chord changes to tunes.

  • The Chromatic Triads Exercise #1

    This is Exercise #1 in a series of chromatic triad exercises designed to give you a real finger and brain workout. Based on major triads, this 2-part exercise works the entire range of the sax.