Soloing on Tunes

Soloing on Tunes

In my Soloing on Tunes series, you'll learn how to apply concepts learned in Stages I-IV to a number of classic jazz standards.

Lessons from the various stages are referenced in most of these lessons, while new concepts are also introduced. You'll also learn about the theory behind the chord progressions, making this a comprehensive approach to learning how to create great solos on tunes.

Play-along tracks are included in the "Extras" bundles!

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Soloing on Tunes
  • Scrapple From the Apple

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  • 1. Soloing on Scrapple From the Apple- The Chord Progression

    You'll learn about the key, form, and chord-to-chord relationships in this video. In addition to numbering the progression, we'll locate the various tonalities and discuss how they relate to the key center.

  • 4. Soloing on Scrapple From the Apple- Double-Timing

    Learning to play double-time requires good technique, command over the vocabulary, and disciplined practice at presenting your musical ideas in time with good rhythm. Learn how to begin putting it together in this video!

  • 3. Soloing on Scrapple From the Apple- Phrasing and Soloing

    Becoming as master of the bop language will take a lot of time and determined practice. In this portion of the lesson I'll show you some practice techniques for assembling bebop scales and enclosures into lines and phrases. Be prepared for "I Play-You Play" practice with a great play-along track!

  • 2. Soloing on Scrapple From the Apple- The Basics of Bop

    Learn about the major, minor, and dominant bebop scales and exercises for incorporating them into your practice on the chord progression. You'll also learn about approach tones and enclosures with lots of practice exercises.