Stage II Jazz Improvisation Lessons

Stage II Jazz Improvisation Lessons

For musicians with a bit of experience but still fairly new to improvising, these lessons would help you continue to build your skills, develop your improvisation vocabulary, learn more about jazz theory, and get a bit more soul in your playing.
Lesson topics include:
Jazz Sound & Style
Jazz Improvisation: How to Play Chord Changes
Sax Tips & Inflection
Shaping the Blues Scale (2-Lessons)
Relating the Pentatonics (learn about major and minor pentatonic scales and how to use them)
Major, Minor Dominant: What's the Difference?
Intervals: The Building Blocks of Jazz
The Foundation of Technique and Harmony
Metronome Obsession: Practicing in Time

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Stage II Jazz Improvisation Lessons
  • Sax Tips 3 - The Scoop

    Learn how to perform the scoop on your sax. This techniques is used to add soul to your passages.

  • Sax Tips 4 - The Down Bend

    Learn the difference between Down Bends and Falls along with exercises for achieving this soulful technique.

  • Sax Tips 5 - The Glissando

    Learn how to effectively combine "fall" type bends with scale tones, often chromatic, to create an effect that connects tones.

  • Sax Tips 6 - Falls

    Learn how to create a fall on the saxophone in this technique that is similar to a glissando with no musical destination. It has the illusion of magically disappearing into nothingness.

  • Sax Tips 7 - Advanced Vibrato

    Learn how to create vibrato using your tongue and throat in a manner that provides you with exceptional control of the sound.